"Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom."

~ John Adams

Civic Virtue

Civic virtue incorporates the habits and behaviors of individuals as they relate to their community. Thus, the development of civic virtue derives from the character development of every student at Tillman Academy.  

As students start out in the early years, they begin to cultivate their character strengths as well as their duties and responsibilities as members of their small classroom communities. They also begin to acquire an awareness and understanding of their place in the broader civil society, from the town, to the county, to the state and federal government. 

As they progress, students are presented with opportunities and responsibilities beyond their immediate classrooms. For example in the middle years, students have opportunities to engage with younger students in the lower grades to help them teach various aspects of the curricula, especially lessons on American history and Western Civilization. 

The advanced grades focus on the development of individual character and leader identity. As students move through our curriculum, their civic virtue grows through study and practice. By the time they approach graduation, students will have gained a thorough sense of their responsibilities to themselves and to their community, as well as their indelible role in preserving their own liberty. They will have developed a solid understanding of where they are in the arc of history and their readiness for the future.  

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