"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

~ Albert Einstein


While curriculum defines to WHAT our students will learn, pedagogy refers to HOW they will learn. The word pedagogy stems from the Greeks words paidos "boy or child" and agogos "leader". Effectively, pedagogy is how teachers lead students. At Tillman Academy, our talented teachers bring the classical curriculum to life through an effective, engaging, and dynamic pedagogy. 

The Teacher

Teaching is an art. At Tillman Academy, our teachers have the freedom to craft their lessons to best meet the needs of their students, within the parameters of our curriculum guidelines and the overall philosophy of the school. And, just as we desire our students to have a love of learning, we also provide opportunities for intellectual growth for our teachers. At Tillman Academy, our teachers will be provided with professional development opportunities throughout the year to help hone their craft and continue to grow towards their best self.     

Direct Instruction

Students learn from their teachers. Direct instruction is often times the most effective way to impart knowledge. This includes class discussions, reading text...

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic Learning is learning by doing and moving. This includes building models, singing, or dancing...

Collaborative Learning

Includes group projects, socratic method...

Experiential Learning

Learning through experiences. Field trips and the learning environment matters...

Learning Environment

Where students learn. When possible, take the lesson outside and natural light. In lower grades, teachers integrate standards across subject areas to maximize gains. In upper grades, teachers coordinate their lessons to complement the other subjects. Every teacher, regardless of the subject (math, science, history…) is a reading and writing teacher. He/she plays a vital role in ensuring students are firmly grounded in the fundamentals of literacy. 

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